Do you know that you know more about something than anyone else on this entire earth?  You have the most knowledge and have the most impact based on this expertise — You are an expert on YOU!!!   No one else has more information, insight or to gain than YOU as you work on and listen to you.  Why do I say this?  Just think about it…who are you NEVER able to get away from?  Who has been there thru everything?  Who else knows why you do what you do?  Now, there are times that we need to have some outside input to get clarity and therapy, counseling or coaching can truly help with that.  I have been interviewing doctors for the last year, searching for a doctor who would be a partner in my health and not say to me… “Because I am the doctor, that’s why”.  I did find a local doctor that believes I know my body and myself better than she ever could —- SCORE!!!   Prior to being diagnosed with MS in 2012, my body did something that I KNEW was not right, I also KNEW this was not something to ignore and mess with.  When I saw doctors and specialists, I was able to give them lots of details because I am an expert on ME –  I KNEW my body.  You know YOUR body — you know when something is off and when something is wrong.  If you ever feel like something needs attention and your doctor does the “wait and see” or “everyone one has that” (as a doctor told me)…allow yourself a moment to breathe and take in the information and think, pray and talk to others…if your doctor wants to perform a test or have put you on medication or treatment and your BODY, MIND, HEART say NO…listen to your body.  Do research, pray and get a second, third or fourth opinion.  I never felt comfortable with my MS diagnosis.  I truly felt like it was not MS — so, even though I followed protocol for over a year.  During that time  my body told me it did not like either of the meds  – I had alopecia, skin tingling, fat atrophy (of course not in the places I would have appreciated it!!)  I eventually got off both of them and my body is MUCH happier.  I kept searching and truly believe I was able to fix the cause of my autoimmune response and then the MS is in remission or was healed or I never had it.  I don’t know all the answers, but I do know that I have not had any symptoms since 2013.  I am not against allopathic care – I am truly amazed and grateful for it.  I just believe from my experience that you need to listen to the expert – YOU.  I became more passionate about health and wellness as I went thru this and other situation and want to take what I have learned and serve others with that information.  I want to help others improve their life and the lives of their families and loved ones.

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